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How to Detect an Otherkin Troll (NONKIN: PLEASE READ)


Ahoy there! If yer in this tag and not otherkin, there’s a pretty good chance yer really skeptic and doubtful, or maybe have even prematurely made up your mind that we all “deserve to be locked up” because “we’re not really a dog/plant/star!!!!”

Well, here’s a tip fer ya: Lots of people don’t like otherkin because they don’t really understand us, so they make fake blogs in order to make us look bad! All of those posts you see going around Tumblr that’re screencaps from “otherkin blogs” are made by trolls who want to give our community a bad name!

Here are some common ways of figuring out someone’s a troll, and thus knowing not to judge our community by what they say and do:

1. Claiming something is “cultural appropriation” towards their kintype

I guarantee that we all know the meaning of cultural appropriation, and know that otherkin do not have a culture that is capable of being appropriated, especially not by doing everyday things like eating fruit, stepping on plants, drinking water, or watching TV. If someone is claiming a trivial or totally normal thing is somehow “cultural appropration” because they’re otherkin, it’s a troll.

2. Tag spamming

If you see a post that’s tagged with a thousand different things, half of which are totally irrelevant (“I hate all heterosexuals! #cisphobia #feminism #social justice #truscum #otherkin #otherspeak #supernatural #homestuck #hetalia”), it is definitely a troll. None of us randomly spam tags like that, and trolls are just doing it to try to spread around how “crazy” otherkin are.

3. Having a gender/sexuality that’s so long it’s nonsensical

Yes, some of us have long or complicated sounding genders and sexualities. My orientation is idempanromantic cupiograyasexual. Don’t immediately pass someone off as a troll because “they use a lot of labels!!”, but use some logic. If you see someone going “I’m a cupiofemmedemigrayromantic panqueernomalgbtsexual genderfluid gloomgender nan0magiboy!!!!” they most likely did exactly what I just did - came up with a bunch of random sexual orientations and genders and threw them all together in an attempt to be “silly”

4. Mention they are self-diagnosed with a handful of serious disorders, never bring it up again or post extremely ignorant and innacurate information

Self diagnosis is not bad and is NOT an immediate sign of someone being a troll AT ALL. However, many trolls tend to add into their descriptions things like “I’m self diagnosed with autism, OCD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression lol!!”. They also will diagnose themselves with things like cancer, AIDs, and other disorders and sicknesses that we all know you cannot self diagnose. These trolls will often then either never bring it up again, or make lots of posts about their disorders that are painfully incorrect and inaccurate. In actuality, if we do self diagnose with something, we at least make sure proper research is done so we sound as respectful and serious about our disorders as we can be.

5. Refusing to acknowldge their human body/Doing things that are unhealthy to “be more like their kintype”

Otherkin know they have human bodies. Otherkin know they have human bodies. OTHERKIN KNOW THEY HAVE HUMAN BODIES. If someone is “birdkin trying to live on raw fish” or “raccoonkin trying to live outside in a dumpster” they are a troll. We do not hurt ourselves to be more like our kintypes, as we are aware that the bodies we are in are human and we won’t hurt ourselves doing something that humans cannot do safely.

These are a few other things trolls commonly do. HOWEVER, be careful, as some otherkin do things that are similar to this or even outright do some of these things. If you see someone doing this stuff and can’t tell if they’re legit or not, check out other things, like their about, description, and other posts they’ve made.

  1. Use pronouns literally of their kintype (“I identify as a cat and my pronouns are cat/cats/catself!” “I’m deerkin and my pronouns are deer/deers/deerself!”)
  2. Use tons of  ”kawaii emoticons” like (✿◠‿◠) (◡‿◡✿) (◕‿◕✿) (✖╭╮✖) (≧◡≦) or overuse the “uwu” emote
  3. Identify as an object, particularly something gross or silly (like a Big Mac, a tampon, etc) or a real person (especially someone infamous or often treated as a joke such as Hitler or Taylor Swift or Romney)
  4. Claim to have triggers that are inconsistent (saying they are triggered by the color green but then post blatantly green things on their blog)
  5. Make extremely cliche and unoriginal "SJW" posts like "I HATE ALL CIS SCUM :(" and "All men are oppressors uwu"
  6. Compare themselves to trans people or claim they are oppressed for being otherkin

So that’s about it! I would go on more probably but I don’t want this post to be longer than it already is. With that in mind, enjoy the tag!


things to remember about otherkin

  • being otherkin is very different from being trans; for example, being otherkin is usually a sort of spiritual belief whereas being trans isn’t a spiritual belief
  • while otherkin are not systematically oppressed, they do have to deal with a lot of shit, especially ableism (i.e. “if you’re otherkin you’re mentally ill” (with the implication that having a mental disorder means you’re broken) is a very common thing on the otherkin tag) and they do have to deal with society’s whole “if you’re weird/i don’t understand you, you’re worthless” idea
  • special pronouns are meant for nonbinary people so if you’re binary and otherkin you shouldn’t use things like bun/bunself or fox/foxself
  • as otherkin is usually a spiritual thing, beings don’t necessarily have a choice in whether they are otherkin, though of course they can choose whether to identify as otherkin
  • being otherkin isn’t just “lol i’m a wolf”, it’s more like “I feel a spiritual connection to (thing that isn’t human)” and/or “I don’t feel comfortable having a human body”
  • if there’s anything problematic about this post, feel free to contact me and I’ll see if I can fix it!





An alternate universe where Bruce Wayne died instead of his parents. Causing his father Thomas Wayne to become Batman and his mother Martha to go insane and become the Joker.






beautiful no matter what size


beautiful no matter what size

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